Voyages, by Byggesett Orchestra
Music inspired by short films about bicycle routes in Mönchengladbach, Germany by „200Tage Fahrradstadt"




BYGGESETT ORCHESTRA CD Album "Wild Birch", june 2014

when i look away it does - recovered blue - drifting puzzles - low pulse - wild birch - end titles


full album 54min


recorded oct13-april14

georg sehrbrock - peter körfer - markus türk - andre hasselmann - johannes seidemann



track: album-teaser




3track/36min live/studio winter/spring2013

guest: markus türk (tr)



4:Tapioca Snow

5:Standing Around Quietly


all tracks by körfer/sehrbrock




track: albumtrailer, some crossfadet snippets 



"grass" CD 2009 deep songs don´t sell düsseldorf

rec by peter körfer/georg sehrbrock @ mollys home mönchengladbach,

mixed by peter körfer @ molly´s home, ezy studios krefeld & parkstudio sevelen,

produced by peter körfer/georg sehrbrock






track: grass albummix "thewholeworldin7:45"


Thewholeworldin7-45 (albumtrailer "grass") by staticmusic

"live @ nachtaktiv" CD 2010 deep songs don´t sell düsseldorf,

rec live 09.11.2009 @ nachtaktiv-festival mönchengladbach by thomas von kannen,

livemix by thomas von kannen,

studiomix by peter körfer @ parkstudio sevelen,

produced by peter körfer





track: "notre dame" 

01 Notre Dame by staticmusic

various colours - selected tunes 1994-2004 

13 track remastered "best of" compilation of the first 10 belgium-years. 
three tracks also remixed with additional new tracks from 2009 by aussem/sehrbrock/körfer. 
hardcopy release in 2009 limited "gesellschafter-edition",

2011 rerelease as digital download.







track: 28fortyone (2009 remix)

11 28fortyone 2009 Remix by staticmusic

"nachtfahrt" CD 2003 artelier/klangbilder cologne,

rec by georg sehrbrock @ mollys home mönchengladbach,

mixed & produced by rainer hagens/georg sehrbrock







track: "mars"

"Mars" from "nachtfahrt" 2003 by staticmusic

georg sehrbrock "static music" CD 2000 artelier/al segno cologne,

compilation with four additional new tracks rec by ralf kleinermanns @ the roof

produced by ralf kleinermanns







track: "static music no 10"

07 Static Music no 10 1 by staticmusic

"zero" CD 1999 artelier/klangbilder cologne,

rec by georg sehrbrock @ molly´s home & by ralf kleinermanns @ the roof mönchengladbach,

mixed & produced by ralf kleinermanns






track: "traffic"

01 Traffic by staticmusic

"cumberland´s tree" CD 1996 artelier/klangbilder cologne,

rec by mathias black @ black sheep düsseldorf,

mixed by jürgen dahmen @ the skyline düsseldorf,

produced by jürgen dahmen






track. "lost colour blue"

"Lost Colour Blue" from "cumberland´s tree" by staticmusic

"a visual concert" CD 1994 artelier/klangbilder cologne,

remastered reissue of "belgium" with one additional new track,

produced by jürgen dahmen







track: "static music no 1"

01 static music no. 1 by staticmusic

"turn of the tides" LP 1994 playtime rec cologne

rec @ thorieth-hof viersen & ground control studio mönchengladbach

mixed & produced by ralf außem/georg sehrbrock @ ground control







track: "turn of the tides (midnight version)"

Turn Of The Tides 1995 Midnight Version by staticmusic

"belgium" CD 1993 playtime rec cologne,

rec & mixed by jürgen dahmen @ black sheep studio düsseldorf








track "berlin tokyo"

03 berlin tokyo by staticmusic