“Improvisational music moved counter-clockwise. Rock, Jazz, foreign culture sound samples … it's all here. Great record for the new millennium of free-spirited world music. 

(Earwaves, San Rafael, US)


Sehrbrock und seinen Kollegen ist mit "Wild Birch" ein stilistisch ungewöhnliches und damit ein interessantes Werk gelungen.



Die sehr zarte Songsprache ist lyrisch reich und hochmelodisch, baut schöngeistige Motive ein, gar äußerst gelungene Jazzdisharmonien, …, eindrucksvolle Arbeit, lyrisch ambientes Schöngeistwerk.

(Ragazzi, Magazin für erregende Musik)


So radikal kann Harmonie klingen.



Looking to new horizons, producer Peter Körfer and sound artist Georg Sehrbrock deactivated their long-standing music project Belgium and set off to break new ground.
After having grown together in an organic process, Sehrbrock & Koerfer, architects of electronic soundscapes, have reinvented themselves as Byggesett Orchestra (Norwegian for construction-set-orchestra), for which this duo serves as basis and core. 
Now, being at the same time more receptive than ever to musical influences while standing aloof of all constraints related to music and content, and thus, effectively caught between two stools, Byggesett Orchestra have made themselves quite at home in this purview.
An interplay of ambient jazz, which remains a vital cornerstone of their approach, and new influences (Terry Riley, Emeralds, Editions Mego, Kranks, Stars Of The Lid, Fripp/Eno, Canterbury) fuel the creation of a sound which is mature, protean and at peace with itself. Hypnotic, dark and forcefully bone-dry drones, elegant loops, minimal sound layers and free-form riffs clash with radically structured passages, heavy soundscapes and driving percussions, creating jagged panoramas of sound while orchestrating all disparate parts together to form a pyrothechnic melange.